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I am 22. Lover. Fighter. Random. My friends and family are my life. I've been through a lot, and am stronger because of that. And I'd like EVERYONE to know, if you need anything, my ask box is always open. I'm a friend & I'm here to listen. Twitter

@nickjonas: Check out my cover for @flauntmagazine at! Full feature out later this week!

@nickjonas: Check out my cover for @flauntmagazine at! Full feature out later this week!

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She sometimes just likes to lay there watching me and if I don’t pay attention to her she starts doing this.

This is not a problem

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I NEED a break soon, or I’ll explode

Work always gets busy at the end of the month, but today was exceptionally busy.
And then I got MORE worked pushed on me. 

Someone was going to their lunch & instead of waiting 5 more minutes, their stuff got pushed to me, because they asked their supervisor - different from mine - “oh just go ask Megan, she’ll always do it” 

I am in DESPERATE need of a break or just a day off. And they are pretty much denying me that day off. When I have only been gone a total of 3 days my entire 18 months here. And another girl, who’s been here 5 months, has been gone 12 days. 

Seriously, if they deny me a day off again, I’m just going to call in sick 2 days in a row, and see how they feel about that. 

I am DONE  doing everyone else’s work for them. I have my own shit to do, and don’t feel like doing yours, just so you can go to lunch on time. Thanks to that & finishing my stuff, I went to lunch 30 minutes late. Like screw you not wanting to do it, and knowing I’m helpful.


dark brown almost black eyes are pretty dont let anyone tell you otherwise

That’s always nice to hear. I have REALLY dark, nearly black eyes, and I just get “what that’s weird!” or “how does that work?” I dont know, nature?? 

Although in juuuust the perfect light, they look lighter. 

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Johnny is a joker

IC: Erik is a shark. Max is a nickname for. Magneto is awesome.

OOC: Is Brynn a girl’s name

Is Ceb a good company to work for

I’ve found my dream career.

Clare is a fat girl’s name.

Fuck you, John Hughes… You ruined my life.

Danielle is a beautiful name. :D

Joelle is a girl name (I kinda knew that already lol)

Angie is a shoplifter.  Hm, I like Joelle’s better.  :P

People with unique/uncommon names be like 


Lauren is a poopy head.

Megan is a toddler who participated in an experiment.

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Husky dog performs her overly dramatic death trick.

I’ve wasted fifteen minutes of my life watching this 8 second long video. 

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Kitty fart

Vine by Cersei



I love that the cat fucking looks back, to judge you. like NO. ALL YOU MCFARTSTER

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it’s normally a guy who starts first, BUT with a GOOD partner this is accurate. 

it’s normally a guy who starts first, BUT with a GOOD partner this is accurate. 

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